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These following universities all teach Medicine in English where you will graduate with a globally-recognised MD degree. An MD degree leads to registration with the GMC straight into the Foundation Programme. All programs are taught in English and the student base is very diverse – from around the world.
Entry is competitive, but this is where we come in!

Habib and the team were very helpful throughout the process …. I may not have been as successful without their guidance!

Faraaz Ahmad - UK Biomedical Sciences graduate, now studying Medicine at the University of Silesia

Medical University of Silesia

Silesia has one of the best simulation labs in Europe and state of the art anatomy labs and is a very popular choice.

Graduate-entry available

Entry: every October and February
Fees: ~€ 11,200 p.a.*
*can be paid in 2 installments a year
Website: http://smk.sum.edu.pl/
University’s final deadline for next entry: 23rd August 2019
Our final deadline: 13th August 2019

Medical University of Warsaw

Located in the capital city Warsaw, this one of the oldest Medical schools in Poland.

every September
Fees: ~€ 14,000 p.a.
Website: http://www.wum.edu.pl/en/english
University’s final deadline for 2019 entry: 1st June 2019
Our final deadlin: 2 weeks prior

Medical University of Lodz*

A vibrant university with a diverse, global student base, associated with 4 hospitals used for clinical training.

Graduate-entry available

Entry: every September
Fees: ~€ 13,000 p.a.
*Requires certain modules in your BSc
Website: http://studymed.umed.pl/
University’s final deadline for 2019 entry: 30th June 2019
Next year entry: 2 weeks prior

Poznan University of Medical Sciences

With over 90 years of academic experience, Poznan is a major educational, research and clinical center.

Graduate-entry available

Entry: every September
Fees: ~€ 14,000 p.a.
Website: http://pums.ump.edu.pl/
University’s final deadline for 2019 entry: 30th June
Our final deadline: 2 weeks prior

Medical University of Lublin

Lublin boasts strong international links with institutions around the world and has a strong pioneering tradition.

Graduate-entry available

Entry: every September
Fees: ~€ 13,000 p.a.
Website: https://www.umlub.pl/en/
University’s final deadline for 2019 entry: 30th June
Our final deadline: 2 weeks prior

Other options

Graduate and undergraduate programmes available in the UK and Europe. Get in touch with us.

FREE Eligibility Check

We can check if you have the right qualifications (including modules), grades etc. We've made it very easy!

Our service to you is in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Pre-Application

For each of the universities you choose to apply to, we will check and amend your application for common errors. We will use our past experience and knowledge to enhance your application. We will help you to tailor your personal statement by mentioning and emphasising key elements that Medicine professors look for, thereby helping to put your application at the ‘top of the pile’.

Phase 2: Post-Application

Once your application is submitted, the next hurdle is the university’s entrance exam and/or interview. We have a track record of helping candidates pass this stage with our very own mock exams and practice interview sessions. Our experience has given us the knowledge of subjects that need to be studied, and to what detail. We share this expertise with all our customers.

Phase 3: Post-Admission and Support

Once you’ve succeeded in getting a place, we will help you arrive and settle in by guiding you through important first steps such as securing accommodation, registering at immigration, registering your SIM card, purchasing medical equipment, and a lot more.  We will also give you guidance on securing lucrative scholarships such as ERASMUS, that can help you fund up to 2 years of your tuition as well as provide living allowances.


Umar Shareef

Umar Shareef

Umar secured a place at Cambridge for Natural Sciences and at Kings College London for Dentistry with the same personal statement. He knows how to put the X-Factor in applications.
Dr Habib Arabzada, MD

Dr Habib Arabzada, MD

Habib is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia, having completed their 4-year graduate-entry program. Prior to that he completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences. He is an expert at interviews and entrance exams.

EuropaMedicine provide excellent service and great guidance throughout the application process. 

Gayathri M - UK Biomedical Sciences graduate, starting Medicine in October 2017

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