So you want to be a doctor?  Are you worried about fierce competition of UCAS?

Why not consider studying in Europe where it is relatively easier to obtain a seat in a medical school.  Medical Degrees/Diplomas from European medical schools are recognised here by the GMC. Therefore, upon completion you can return to practice Medicine in the place where you call home.

Through us, you can apply for a medical school where the teaching language is completely in English, hence you are not required to learn the native language. The fees are relatively lower compared to UK rates in most of the universities and the living costs are very affordable.

Studying in Europe means you can enjoy traveling around Europe and experience life outside the UK.

With ever decreasing flights and trains prices you will have the chance to see your favourite cities, participate in all sorts of sports; be it rock climbing, skiiing, go-karting, horse riding, etc and enjoy fine dining at local restaurants.  Along side studying Medicine, you will never run short of activities/things to do, and amazing people to meet.

Apply now with EuropaMedicine to for a chance to secure yourself a place at a European medical school and fulfil your dreams of becoming a doctor.