Clearing 2015 is set to kick off on A-Level results day (13th August 2015).  Competition for remaining university places in the UK will naturally be fierce. You would typically enter Clearing for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You applied for university after 30th June 2015
  • You didn’t meet the requirements set by your firm and insurance choices
  • You haven’t yet applied for university
  • You weren’t made any offers

However, for Medicine it is extremely rare for there to be any places offered through Clearing.  For this reason, if any of the above were to apply for a student, he or she would have to apply again the following academic year, thereby falling behind by a year.

The good news is there will still be universities in Europe taking Medicine applications during the Clearing period for Sept/Oct 2015 entry.  We can apply to these universities for you, and like all the universities we apply to, they teach in English, and offer globally recognised degrees (i.e. in the UK by the GMC).  So if you didn’t get the grades, or any offers at all, please head over to our Apply Now page and begin your application.

We strongly recommend starting early as competition is likely to be strong. Additionally, we offer as part of our packages to also apply for subsequent admissions cycles, i.e. for Jan/Feb 2016 and Sept/Oct 2016 – which we recommend as additional options.

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