We are currently accepting applicants wishing to apply for February and/or September/October 2018 entry.

Our Service to you is in 2 Phases:

Phase 1: Pre-Application (click to expand)

For each of the universities you choose to apply to, we will:

  1. Use our past experience and knowledge to enhance your application.
  2. Check and amend your application for common errors that often lead to rejection.
  3. Help you tailor your personal statement (for universities that require one) by mentioning and emphasising key elements that Medicine professors look for. Such as: the latest in groundbreaking research, historical advances in Medicine, demonstrations of key personality traits and more.
  4. Ensure your documentation and paperwork are in order. We’ll tell you exactly how to do all of your documentation in the fastest way, in order to be able to submit your application as soon as possible.
Phase 2: Post-Application (click to expand)

Once your application is submitted, the next hurdle is the university’s entrance exam and/or interview. For each of the universities you choose to apply to, we will:

  1. Give you hands-on help to prepare for entrance exam / interview. We have extensive experience of this and an excellent track record. Our experience has given us the knowledge of subjects that need to be studied, and to what detail. We share this expertise with all you,
  2. Schedule 60 minutes (per university applied to) of face-to-face live chat or telephone conferencing with one of our experts to help you fully prepare,
  3. Give you a mock interview / entrance exam and will provide excellent feedback to improve your performance for the real thing,
  4. Be your friendly point of contact from the moment of application to final decision from university,
  5. Help you book flights and accommodation and will help you settle in** (see guidance notes below),
  6. Help arrange airport pick-up and transfer to your accommodation when you arrive.

We have an excellent track record of helping candidates pass this stage with our very own mock exams and practice interview sessions. Our experience has given us the knowledge of subjects that need to be studied, and to what detail. We share this expertise with all our customers.


  • Our full Service for 1 university of your choice.


  • Our full Service for 3 universities of your choice.
  • You may apply across admissions cycles (e.g. 1 uni in Feb, 2 in Sep/Oct)
  • THIS IS A GUARANTEED PACKAGE. We will succeed in getting you an entrance exam / interview at at least 1 university - or we will refund you your money completely. *Conditions apply (see guidance notes).
Discounts - click to expand

Because we prefer to spread our workload throughout the year as much as we can (rather than have too many applicants in the last few days) we have an early bird discount you may use at the times stated below.  Just use the coupon code earlydoc at checkout.

Timeframe Discount level
15th September – 31st October 10%
1st November – 30th November 5%
1st February – 31st March 15%
1st April – 30th April 10%
1st May – 31st May 5%
Guidance Notes - click to expand

Costs incurred in gaining the required documentation such as notarisation of qualifications, medical tests, postage of documentation to us etc, are payable by the applicant. Postage of application to universities is taken care of by EuropaMedicine, except where next-day postage is required due to time constraints. EuropaMedicine will inform applicants if and when this is required.

Our service does not include the universities’ own application fees. Whilst in many cases these are free, or are payable upon admission, these fees will be payable by the applicant. EuropaMedicine will administrate this as part of the application process if fees are payable pre-admission.

* For the guarantee to be applicable you must meet the minimum eligibility standard of at least 2:2 degree in Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biomedicine or Human Biology at BSc level from an officially recognised university in the UK or any other EU country. You must also have a demonstrable standard of English.

** Costs of flights and accommodation are payable by the applicant. We only offer to book the flights/accommodation for the applicant. We will find the best accommodation and flights according to applicant’s preferences of cost, distance, quality etc. We cannot guarantee accommodation but will apply for applicant.

*** This will be not only for applicant’s pre-admission visit (should he/she choose to do this), but also for when they move to campus for commencement of studies. Certain universities only.