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Becoming a doctor is a noble dream of many. It is a profession that offers great personal satisfaction, prestige and above all an opportunity to serve humanity and improve people’s wellbeing. That said, like many prestigious roles in life, achieving the dream of becoming a doctor requires great determination, aptitude and perseverance.  Achieving high grades at college is just part of what it takes. Moreover, the sheer competition for places in medical schools (universities where Medicine is taught) unfortunately means that for many the dream of becoming a doctor doesn’t always become reality.

There is however good news. There are an increasing number of medical schools in Europe that now teach in English.  They offer MD degrees (which are globally recognised), their tuition fees are typically lower (starting from £7000 per year), and above all, competition for places is often quite substantially lower than in predominantly English-speaking countries such as the UK. There are also 4-year graduate programmes on offer for those who hold certain degrees (such as BSc Biomedical Sciences).

Although application numbers from predominantly English-speaking countries such as the UK are rising, applicants are often stumped by varying application procedures and requirements. This is where EuropaMedicine comes in! We have extensive experience of the application process for several medical schools across Europe and can assist you in making your application.  We can assess your grades and qualifications (including predicted grades) and can make good recommendations as to where to apply for best chances of success.  We also have good links to a number medical students presently enrolled in European medical schools who can help answer your queries. We can also provide the best guidance and preparation for interviews and entrance exams.

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Dr Habib Arabzada, MD

Co-founder, admissions co-ordinator

Habib is a graduate of Medicine from the Medical University of Silesia in Poland. He previously graduated with a degree in Biomedical Sciences from Royal Holloway, University of London.  His journey to get this far has taken him from the UK to Slovakia, Poland, and even to Germany where he did a fully funded ERASMUS scholarship year. Habib provides guidance on how to do this to ensure you get the very best value.

Umar Shareef

Co-founder, marketing and student outreach

Umar has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from UCL. Previous to that, he secured a conditional offer from the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. Umar puts his expertise in securing university places into the EuropaMedicine system to ensure you have the best chance of getting a place!


Our mission revolves around 3 main pillars


We are a new company and we are growing fast. With every experience of helping prospective students, we add to our knowledge of the higher education sector in Europe, which we feed back in to our service to make it even better and more compelling.


The founders of EuropaMedicine have been through the process of applying to universities amidst tough competition. That is why we pride ourselves in establishing a personal connection with applicants to help make the journey as stress-free as possible.


Our vision is to give an outstanding experience to as many prospective students as possible, and our eventual aim is to become the number one service for studying abroad for a variety of popular subjects beyond Medicine.


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